Smegathread 27/08/2018

Alright boys today I come to you from my lawn mower and Siri™ is doing the typing for me so today's thread will be all about the soul cleansing effects that mowing the lawn can have if done properly and in a good mower i own the John Deere E180 which i am currently sitting on sunglasses
are on Monster Energy™ in one hand and steering wheel in the other life is good boys life is good i have no scientific backing but after a good mow my heart feels good again ha ha wait what's that is that a cat oh crap no no no no no aw stupid cat got in the way sam sam sam yes dad get over here i ran over a darn cat with the mower again dad yes sam now get the bag and the gloves this is your job not mine by the way when is your mother getting back from her trip i don't know I think she said she came back on monday attaboy you don't say a thing and i'll keep sending the money your way alright thanks dad no problem sam right boys where was I oh ok yes so after a good mow my heart feels right and all the bad energy is cleansed y'all should try it someday it's the best love ron big ron stevens and post come on post siri post the damn thing oh wait that's right the button with the tick on it says